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Happy Holidays

Dear NJNU members:
NJNU met with the Hospital regarding the Health Benefits, we are now waiting for some information we requested, and we will update you.
Reminder that you can wear "holiday themed" scrub tops on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, NY Eve, and NY Day.
The NJNU office will be closed Dec. 23~Dec.26. and Jan.2.
And from the staff, delegates, and officers of NJNU, we want to wish you very happy and safe holidays, and may you feel love and peace this season!

Tuition Reimbursement 2015-2016 SBMC Members

NJNU has resolved the tuition reimbursement issue in our CBA. Members who are pursuing a Ph.D or DNP degree in 2015 or 2016 and were denied reimbursement, will now be eligible for reimbursement. If you were pursuing other degrees and your tuition reimbursement for 2015 was charged against your 2016 allotment because your grades or paperwork were not submitted until after December 10, 2015, you will now be eligible for that reimbursement which should have been allotted to 2015 so that you do not lose your full 2016 tuition allotment.



As of October 26, 2016, NJNU has reached a tentative agreement with the hospital and our Radiology membership RNs. NJNU is planning a ratification meeting for next week, we will keep you updated.







Safe Staffing

Dear Members:
Unfortunately, we have been informed that the Senate Health Committee will NOT be voting on S1183, our Safe Staffing bill on Monday Dec 21st. Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment but instead of going to Trenton next week, we will refocus our energy on moving Safe Staffing into the next Legislative Session after January 20th.
NJNU wishes everyone safe and happy holidays.


Attached is a link to an article in the APP about the NJ staffing bill nurses throughout NJ are fighting to get passed. Please read and as the next weeks  we need everyone to attend meetings and to get involved with your Union for negotiations at MMCSC and BHBHC! Remember you are the Union not just us!

Nurses Ralley at Statehouse for Safe Staffing Ratios

Staffing Committee Interactive Page

Dear Members:

This is a page created for our members to interact about staffing issues on their respective units. Your Staffing Committee will also be posting responses to your staffing report forms that have been addressed. Please utilize this page and let your voices be heard!

NJNU Staffing Committee

Ebola Information

NJNU Members;

We have attached Ebola fact sheets for you our members. NJNU has reached out to the facilities it represents to meet and discuss this and safety issues. Please contact NJNU with any concerns you may have also.  We will keep you updated as we find out more information also.


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