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Happy Nurses Day

New Jersey Nurses Union

The New Jersey Nurses Union celebrates National Nurses Week,
in honor of the many men and women that have dedicated themselves to the nursing profession over the years. Nurses work relentlessly everyday to improve healthcare while facing increased challenges to their professional and ethical commitment
to deliver quality level patient care.

The New Jersey Nurses Union is proud to recognize Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses everywhere on May 6, 2016
for the quality work they provide seven days a week,
365 days a year.






Safe Staffing

Dear Members:
Unfortunately, we have been informed that the Senate Health Committee will NOT be voting on S1183, our Safe Staffing bill on Monday Dec 21st. Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment but instead of going to Trenton next week, we will refocus our energy on moving Safe Staffing into the next Legislative Session after January 20th.
NJNU wishes everyone safe and happy holidays.

Bill, No. 647

Assembly Health Committees Hears Legislation for Safe Nurse Staffing Levels
Trenton, NJ Nurses and patient advocates testified before the NJ Assembly Health Committee today to share their concerns for patient safety in NJ hospitals, and to ask for passage of A647, legislation (Moriarty/Benson/Eustace/Sumter/Jimenez/Jones) requiring hospitals and ambulatory care centers to establish safe nurse to patient staffing levels. The bill was passed out of Committee by a vote of 8-4 and will now move to the Assembly floor for a full vote.

Trenton December 10, 2015 Staffing Bill

Dear Member:
Your support is needed to pass Safe Staffing Legislation to require nurse to patient ratios in NJ hospitals. The NJ Assembly has announced they will be voting on A647 in the Assembly Health Committee on Thursday, December 10th at 10am. To ensure the bill moves out of Committee there are two ways you can help.


Dear NJNU Members,
NJNU provided compelling evidence and witness statements for the flu vaccine arbitration, unfortunately the arbitrator's award was not in favor of NJNU. Therefore the flu vaccine is mandatory and the deadline is December 1, 2015. If you should have "an adverse reaction to the flu shot it should not be charged to sick time", this is the language in the arbitrator's award, however it has to be grieved, so it is important to notify NJNU if this should happen so we can grieve it.

NJNU SBMC Contract Ratified!

The 2015-2017 contract between NJNU and SBMC has been ratified by a majority vote. Wage increases will be retroactive to November 2, 2015.
Your team worked very hard for this agreement please thank them when you see them.
Its very important to keep informed and involved. We will attach the Memorandum of Agreement to emails and it has been uploaded to our website under members only, then contracts. You may also contact the office for a copy and we will be sending it to print asap.

SBMC 2015 Negotiation Update #3

Your negotiating team has met for 2 more sessions last week with no progress on the GI/ENDO on-call issue and the sick time/OT issue, (2 givebacks). Staffing and acuity language, we have made NO progress with getting that language in the contract, the hospital feels they do a good job, "not always perfect", but a good job of staffing the hospital and that there is no need for acuity/staffing language in the contract, this issue continues to be a very difficult issue for a resolution.

SBMC 2015 Negotiation Update

Your negotiating team has had 5 bargaining sessions with the hospital thus far. NJNU has proposed staffing language by acuity, increases in wages, maintenance of health benefits without any increase in our premiums, no double pulling, increase in uniform allowance, educational differential and clinical ladder program.
The hospital has proposed single unit per diem option, discussion on a Transition of Care program, clinical ladders, and uniting ORHA with SDS unit in same division.

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