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Attached is a link to an article in the APP about the NJ staffing bill nurses throughout NJ are fighting to get passed. Please read and as the next weeks  we need everyone to attend meetings and to get involved with your Union for negotiations at MMCSC and BHBHC! Remember you are the Union not just us!

Nurses Ralley at Statehouse for Safe Staffing Ratios

Senate Bill: 1183

The Coalition  for Patient Rights and Safe Staffing is a coalition of nursing and health care unions and organizations, patient advocacy groups and supporters, all working together to protect patient care in New Jersey hospitals by strengthening and enforcing patient safety and safe staffing laws. Representatives from our coalition testified alongside frontline nurses on nurse:patient ratios for Senate Bill 1183. For more please go to:

Staffing Committee Interactive Page

Dear Members:

This is a page created for our members to interact about staffing issues on their respective units. Your Staffing Committee will also be posting responses to your staffing report forms that have been addressed. Please utilize this page and let your voices be heard!

NJNU Staffing Committee

Ebola Information

NJNU Members;

We have attached Ebola fact sheets for you our members. NJNU has reached out to the facilities it represents to meet and discuss this and safety issues. Please contact NJNU with any concerns you may have also.  We will keep you updated as we find out more information also.



Friday, Nov.6, 2015
8:00 AM – 11:00AM
3:00PM – 6:00PM

Make note of new meeting place!!!
Trinity Covenant Church
343 East Cedar Street
Livingston, NJ
(Make left out of hospital, keep to left on Old Shorts Hills Rd., cross straight over Northfield Ave., and directly after Exxon station make a right into church entrance keep sharp right into parking lot. Meeting will be in fellowship hall at furthest building)

SBMC 2015 Negotiation Update #2

Your negotiating team has met for 2 more sessions this week with no progress on the GI/ENDO on-call issue and the sick time/OT issue, (2 givebacks). The 3rd giveback the 3rd floor patterns, there was some more progressive discussions about that. Staffing and acuity language, we have made NO progress with getting that language in the contract, the hospital feels they do a good job, "not always perfect", but a good job of staffing the hospital and that there is no need for acuity/staffing language in the contract. We obviously feel differently.

NJNU protests outside to demand better staffing ratios

LIVINGSTON — Sicker patients, more blood to draw, piles of paperwork and hours-long backlogs at the emergency department brought unionized nurses of Saint Barnabas Medical Center out to rally in front of the Livingston hospital Tuesday. To read this article, click here


NJNU continues to focus on the impact of adequate nurse staffing on patient outcomes and the various factors that can affect safe staffing. Unfortunately, the employer continues to focus on the corporate end of the healthcare industry, thus forcing our nurses to protect themselves and their patients. While there may be issues that are unique to your unit, there are still a few things that are important for every nurse to know in order to protect their license, as follows:

Staffing at MMCSC/BHBHC

There have been many staffing issues at MMCSC/BHBHC which NJNU is in the process of investigating. We are asking that each of our members continue to report every incident that they feel places their license in jeopardy or comprises your ability to provide quality level care to your patients. In addition, we are in the process of populating a committee dedicated to addressing the staffing issues that are unique to your facility. If you would like more information, please click here.

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