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Mobilizing for Safer Care in New Jersey

The New Jersey Nurses Union (NJNU), was created by working nurses at Saint Barnabas Medical Center who desired strong representation in all areas of professional concern. Since its inception in 1991, NJNU has proven effective in negotiating their contracts as well as making certain the terms and conditions are upheld. Read More

Maria Refinski, NJNU President

New Jersey Nurses News

  • Ebola Information

    NJNU Members;

    We have attached Ebola fact sheets for you our members. NJNU has reached out to the facilities it represents to meet and discuss this and safety issues. Please contact NJNU with any concerns you may have also.  We will keep you updated as we find out more information also.


  • Lobby Day Important Information

    Dear NJNU member:

    Our Lobby Day, March 27th, is becoming a big event – when hundreds of nurses and workers from unions and groups will come to Trenton to raise our voices together for safe staffing and for a Department of Health that protects patient care first. I’m glad you will be part of this important event. We will be carpooling from the NJNU office in Livingston and the NJNU office in Lakewood.

    At 9:30am we will start our day with breakfast at the Masonic Temple at 100 Barracks St in Trenton. We have invited NJ State Senators to greet us there – or meet with us at the statehouse later in the morning.

    Throughout the day, we will also be hosting an information table in the statehouse in the ‘tunnel’ – outside the cafeteria and between the Statehouse and Annex. We need volunteers to stay at this table, getting petitions signed and giving out information about our issues. If you want to volunteer at this table, please contact

    Starting at 10:30am, we will organize by regional teams to meet with NJ Senators over at the Statehouse. We would also encourage you to send a personal note to your Senator asking him/her to meet with you in Trenton. Go to this link to find your State Senator . You can forward any response to

    At 12noon, we will meet back at the Masonic Temple for lunch – and will either present our petitions to the Department of Health Commissioner, or send a delegation over to the DOH building.

    At 2pm, the Senate convenes back at the statehouse – and many of us will be returning to the Statehouse to watch the Senate proceedings. We are arranging a car pool or bus – so make sure you are aware of when your local group is leaving Trenton to return home. Our groups will be leaving by 1-2pm.

    A few notes:

    • Wear your scrubs

    • Bring your identification (i.e., license) since you will not be admitted to the Statehouse without proper ID.

    • Parking lots are located close by (at the Trenton Lafayette Yards hotel or on Front Street).


    If you have any questions – reach out to


  • March 27th NJNU Lobby Day Safe Staffing

    All NJNU Members:

    March 27th, NJNU along with many other unions in NJ will be going to Trenton to lobby for legislation #1183. We will be speaking to politicians and taking our petitions to the Board of Health. We would like as many members a possible to go to Trenton to show unity and strength bring attention to legislation for adequate nurse:patient ratios that are safe for patients and nurses. Petitions are being circulated that we want you to get your colleagues, friends, and family to sign in support. (keep nurses petitions and NJ resident separate) and return them to a NJNU rep or to our office. You can also return them to your delegates. We must do this, it is about time! You can register online to attend by going to and go to events: NJNU Lobby Day or sending back registration form or just call NJNU 973-992-6568. We will be carpooling and providing lunch.

    Join us, its time!


  • 2013 Pensions & Benefits Meeting Video Part 2

  • 2013 Pensions & Benefits Meeting Video Part 1

  • Healthcare Matters Conference Special


    Check Out Some Inspirational Highlights from Five Keynote Speakers at this year's conference.

  • NJNU protests outside to demand better staffing ratios

    LIVINGSTON — Sicker patients, more blood to draw, piles of paperwork and hours-long backlogs at the emergency department brought unionized nurses of Saint Barnabas Medical Center out to rally in front of the Livingston hospital Tuesday. To read this article, click here


    NJNU continues to focus on the impact of adequate nurse staffing on patient outcomes and the various factors that can affect safe staffing. Unfortunately, the employer continues to focus on the corporate end of the healthcare industry, thus forcing our nurses to protect themselves and their patients. While there may be issues that are unique to your unit, there are still a few things that are important for every nurse to know in order to protect their license, as follows:

    1. Please do not sign that you fully understand something if you are unsure.
    2. If you find yourself in a situation that you feel is not safe for your patient or your license, please notify your supervisor as such. If they are hesitant to respond then, endorse the liability of that patient to your supervisor.
    3. Try to take your breaks or your lunch, it is not enough to get paid for the time. Everyone needs a mental health break. When a nurse takes their break or lunch, it forces management to address the staffing situation because they are forced to provide coverage.

    To report a short staffing incident, click here.

    To file an incident report, click here.