New Jersey Nurses Union, CWA Local 1091
260 South Livingston Ave. Livingston NJ 07039
p: 973-992-NJNU (6568) f: 973-992-8410
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About NJNU


The New Jersey Nurses Union (NJNU), was created by working nurses at Saint Barnabas Medical Center who desired strong representation in all areas of professional concern. Since its inception in 1991, NJNU has proven effective in negotiating their contracts as well as making certain the terms and conditions are upheld.

NJNU was organized to foster the general welfare of its members and exists for the purpose of addressing the staff nurses’ concerns related to wages, rates of pay, hours, working conditions, and grievance handling. NJNU is also active in maintaining and improving the professional standards of health care delivery at Saint Barnabas Medical Center (SBMC) in Livingston, NJ, and Kimball Medical Center (KMC) in Lakewood, NJ. NJNU, as a professional nurses union, has become more active than any previous union in improving standards of nursing care. We believe that working staff nurses, as health care professionals who implement policies and procedures, should have input into the formulation of policies that directly impact the delivery of their nursing care.

In 1999, NJNU rejoined the AFL-CIO by affiliating with the Communications Workers of America. This affiliation is allowing us to increase both our political and professional strength while maintaining a considerable degree of autonomy. NJNU is confident that the example set by staff nurses at SBMC and KMC. in forming their own strong autonomous union will be an inspiration to other nurses struggling for self representation. NJNU has proven that nurses are more than capable of taking this responsibility on ourselves.

Members from several companies attend a Steward training in New Hampshire