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Many of the nurses at the MMCSC/BHBHC are forced to work without the luxury of a break or lunch during their 12 hour shift due to the chronic short staffing that plagues their facilities.  The current staffing issue leaves nurses unable to take full breaks except briefly for the rest room or to get something that they can eat at the nursing station. 

Management has stated that if a nurse is forced to eat their meals at the nursing station, that it is not considered a lunch and they would therefore be entitled to their "30-minute" pay. 

As a result the following process should be utilized with respects to breaks and/or lunches:

  1. Contact your Director or Head Nurse, and notify them that you would like to take a break/lunch.  If they are able to provide coverage, then you should go.  If not, proceed to next step.
  2. Notify them that you will then write "+30 minutes" on your time card, and then please fill out a short staffing form here.

It is extremely important that every member take their break or lunch if it is offered to you.  NJNU understands all of your responsibilities, however your health and well-being is more important to us, being that you can not otherwise provide the quality level of care that your patients deserve.

Should you have any questions concerning this issue or would like assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our office or click here.