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Top Reasons to Contribute to COPE

  • On August 23, 2004 the U.S. Department of Labor passed regulatory changes that could drastically reduce the amount of overtime pay that a registered nurse in an administrative position, (i.e. charge nurse) will receive.
  • CWA-NJNU are currently working to have legislation enact safe staffing ratios to protect patients and eliminate mandatory overtime in hospitals.
  • Our working lives are directly affected by the actions of the executive and legislative branches of both the New Jersey and Federal government.
  • Hospital finances are largely dependent on the actions of the state and federal governments.
  • By contributing to COPE, you will be joining tens of thousands of other employees in the state, as well as nationwide. As a result, we become real players in the political arena.
  • The Federal Law prohibits any dues monies from being allocated for political activities, therefore members must make a separate contribution in order to participate.
  • The future of collective bargaining rights are in jeopardy, as well as decent health care, safe working conditions, family-friendly workplaces, and retirement security being that they are greatly influenced by the political process.
  • Contributions can be as little as $1 per week.

To make a contribution: