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Staffing at SBMC

The SBMC Joint Labor/Management Staffing Committee is currently underway. NJNU holds meetings monthly in our office so that members can discuss the many staffing issues that plague their units. The NJNU Staffing committee members determine which issues they would like to address in the joint meetings with management and sends their recommendations with the four members of the Joint Staffing Committee, which meets the second Tuesday of the month.

Every month the NJNU Staffing Committee will provide updates as to status of the many issues on our staffing agenda. The goal is to ensure the safety of the patients as well as protect the licenses of our members, all while providing quality care to our patients.

To date, the committee has begun the arduous process of implementing the new acuity system called "Opti-Link". We feel confident that this is a very important first step to addressing the staffing crisis at SBMC. In addition, there have been many issues brought to our attention by our membership. We will try to address every issue, however if there is something of an urgent nature, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 973-992-6568. Any member can be part of this committee, and we encourage you to become involved, together we can find solutions.