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SBMC Negotiations #7

August 6, 2020

Dear NJNU Members:

The company and your NJNU-CWA bargaining team met virtually today on GoToMeeting.
The Union made a new request for information to understand the employer’s positions over the Union’s Sick Time proposal, which was rejected last week. Is our intent to be able to address our members issues thoroughly and be able to present new solutions to the problems that our membership has shared with us. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there were challenges to make sure our nurses had the necessary time off to protect themselves and we are looking for creative ways to address this issue.

Today we also continue to have discussions over Health and Safety, mainly to improve our contract and ensure new protections for our nurses during this pandemic times. We continue to push the Medical Center to understand that our patients, the public and us, expect a healthy and safe work environment and we are ready to collaborate on meeting that goal. Staffing is a major issue as we all know, but in this regard, the Medical Center has listen to us and we continue to make some positive movement. We are hopeful that the Medical Center will agree with our latest proposal. This will help us move forward with other issues.

The Union is also currently working on the employer’s cost analysis, we also requested new information to help us to intelligently discuss their counter proposal and be able to present new wage offer. But at the same time, the Union still waits for the Medical Center to respond to our Shift and Differentials Proposals.

As we move forward we will need the Members to step up Mobilization efforts. We continue to ask our nurses to join us and take a picture of yourself  or you with your colleagues (like the one attached) and text it to NJNU:
Holding your arm up, hand closed as a sign of strength, support, and solidarity for your team and Union.
Make sure there are no patient or SBMC identifiers in the picture 
Any location is fine - it could be taken at home, in the parking garage, in the cafeteria, lounge, etc, but not in a patient care area
Any attire is fine, but scrubs or other work-related gear, or a CWA shirt will look the most powerful (just remember - no SBMC identifiers)
Text your picture to NJNU 973-975-6764 or
We'll be sharing pictures on social media as well as including them in a press release to let the public know NJNU CWA Local 1091 nurses are in full support of our negotiating team and are fighting for a fair contract!

It will be a message demanding SBMC to bargain with the Union to get a fair contract that recognizes our nurses contribution during the pandemic and that will honor the words from the hospitals: that we were and are heroes.

We are scheduled to meet tomorrow August 7th. Remember that all the terms and conditions of the prior contract remain in place, with he exception of the arbitration provisions.

Make sure you're signed up to receive news and updates via text message by texting the word "NursesNJ" to 69866.

An Injury To One, Is An Injury To All.

Your Bargaining Team.