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SBMC Negotiation Update #6

July 31, 2020

Dear NJNU Members:

The Company and your Bargaining Team resumed bargaining the past 3 days virtually through GoToMeeting ending each day late every evening in an effort to get our members the fair and equitable contract we all deserve.

NJNU-CWA Local 1091 has presented many proposals, based on the surveys from our members to address each and every issue, with the hopes that an agreement will be crafted. One of those issues is sick time during this pandemic time to provide protections to our members during quarantine. SBMC has rejected all of our proposals.
We also discussed and focused mainly on your top issues, based on the survey that our members responded , Wages, Staffing,Health and Safety (PPE) /Crisis Pay. We held many discussions over Health and Safety and PPE, but we haven’t’ reached an agreement. The Union believes this issue is crucial for our members not just during a pandemic, but on a day to day basis. Our patients, the public and we, expect a healthy and safe work environment and we are ready to collaborate on meeting that goal. The Union has proposed several proposals of safety language, looking for a common understanding but we have not been successful.
Staffing language is a major issue as we all know, but there has been some progress, we are not where we would have hope we could be, but we are working diligently to solve the Union’s and Management’s differences.
Finally, we received a cost analysis done by the medical center over wages and compensation this week. Wednesday we made a request for information to the Medical Center and they provided all the information late yesterday. This information is necessary for us to intelligently discuss their counter proposal and be able to present new ones if needed. We are currently working with CWA’s research department to perform a full analysis to discus with the Medical Center. But with the information we received, we were able to present a counter proposal over Shifts and Differentials, late in the evening.
As we move forward we will need the Members to step up Mobilization efforts. We urge our membership to wear their NJNU-Union Strong pins (we ordered more) and make sure the Company knows that we are serious about a fair contract. If any member of the management team reaches out to you to talk about these ongoing negotiations, tell him or her to talk to your union, your duly elected representatives at the table!
We are scheduled to meet August 6th and 7th. Our contract expires tomorrow August 1st, but as today we have not requested an extension. Once the contract expires, all the terms and conditions of the prior contract remain in place, with the exception of the arbitration provisions.
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Your Bargaining Team.