Resources to Help Become an Informed NJNU Member

Most of the media we see on a daily basis is owned by a tiny handful of large companies. It is in their interest that the news you receive is from a business perspective. While once "labor pages" were common in daily newspapers, Peter Kellman tells us there are now only two exclusive "labor reporters" remaining in the country.

We need a fuller picture of what is happening in the economy and the world than business wants us to have. Below are some resources for unionists seeking to expand their view and understanding.

America @ Work

America@ work (1996-2005), the AFL-CIO's former monthly magazine for union leaders and front-line activists, brings you the ideas, info and tools you need to strengthen today's working families and build today's unions.


Dollars & Sense

"For 27 years, our philosophy at Dollars & Sense has been simple: The economy is too important to be left in the hands of 'experts' and politicians. The economy is not an abstraction. Economic decisions, whether global or local, directly affect where you work, how you live, and what you eat, drink, and breathe.

" Dollars & Sense tackles economic issues in plain English, digging beneath conventional wisdom, describing real-life problems, and pointing out concrete alternatives. Independent, hopeful, and accurate, Dollars and Sense is your tool for understanding--and even changing--today's economy."


Labor Notes

Since 1979, Labor Notes has been the voice of union activists who want to "put the movement back in the labor movement" through rank and file democracy.

As an organization, Labor Notes works to bring activists together by publishing a monthly magazine, books, and pamphlets as well as holding schools and conferences.

Labor Notes is a place to learn about the struggles, strategies, and solutions within the labor movement today.


Labor's Heritage Magazine

Labor's Heritage is the fully illustrated journal of original documented work published quarterly by the George Meany Memorial Archives. Its primary purpose is to bring public attention to the rich and varied heritage of American workers, and to resources for the further exploration of this subject. A must for lovers of history.


Working USA

The Journal of Labor and Society. Includes thought provoking articles exploring a variety of issues facing workers and organized labor in today's society.