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Negotiation Update # 3

July 23, 2020

Dear NJNU Members:

The Company and your Bargaining Team resumed
bargaining today.

Both parties reached a tentative agreement on Article XXXIII, Work Assignments to address the new EPU group in SDS. We also reached a tentative agreement on Article XXVI, Grievance Procedure, that will apply in cases of a pandemic, just like we lived thru. The Union also presented a new counter proposal over Clinical Ladders to address our members concerns during the COVID-19. We also presented a comprehensive proposal over staffing that among other things, will empower our Patient Satisfaction/Staffing Committee to address staffing issues thru a new dispute resolution process. It also addresses the EPIC tool SBMC wants to introduce in the future and provides for new rules regarding Staffing during a pandemic, among other things. We firmly believe that staffing is a critical piece of the effectiveness of caring for our patients and our nurses well-being;
this language will help meet those goals. As for Health and Safety, we are addressing all the PPE issues and currently working with the CWA National Health and Safety Director on those proposals.

NJNU also presented a new Shift Differentials and Wages and Minimums Proposals. Under our proposal we will extend the life of the contract, provide for a 6% wage increase across the board (retroactive to the expiration of our contract) for each year of the agreement, pull pay for nurses that are pulled out of their unit during a pandemic; a $20.00 premium pay for all hours work during a pandemic; among many other improvements. All based on your suggestions during our survey period.

The Medical Center didn’t respond to our Sick Time, Staffing, Shifts and Differential Proposals and Wages and Minimums since they will run a costing of the agreement. If any member of the management team reaches out to you to talk about these ongoing negotiations, tell him or her to talk to your union, your duly elected representatives at the table!

As we move forward we will need the Members to step up Mobilization efforts. It is imperative we let the Company know that we are serious about a fair contract. We are scheduled to meet July 28st. We deserve a fair and equitable agreement that provides for the much-needed improvements that our members have tasked us to reach.
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Your Bargaining Team.