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MMCSC Violence in the Workplace

Nurses, particularly those who work in psychiatric units and ERs, care for patients who are verbally or physically abusive. Nurses at both facilities have been involved in violent incidents, including patients with possession of knives, and even patients who are physically and verbally abusive.


“Recent studies and news reports suggest that when agitation escalates into full blown assault, nurses are often the victims. Accordingly nurses are protesting what they say are inadequate protections in the workplace” (AJN, Feb. 2007).

This article also sites that few nurses file a formal incident report because “they don’t feel supported by their managers or administrators when incidents arise and because work pressures don’t allow time for staff to report.”


NJNU members at MMCSC and BHBHC need to be responsible and file detailed incidents reports with NJNU as soon as possible, so that NJNU can work with management to formulate practices and create a safer work environment. NJNU cannot attempt to fix what we are not made aware of. As the above mentioned article states, “Being assaulted is NOT in our job description!”

Incident reports can now be filed with NJNU by faxing to (732)987-7703 or click here.

For more information regarding this issue please visit: OSHA Guidelines for Workplace Violence.