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Delegate Assignments



                           DELEGATE UNIT ASSIGNMENTS


Delegate/Officer                                         SBMC Assignments


Maria Refinski PACU 7a-8p                                   PACU, ACC HEMO, Hemo


Frantz Jedonne RDU 6:30a-7:30p                          RDU/ED, 5200, 5300/5700


Aileen Frattini Radiology 7a-3p                             Radiology, Cancer Center, IVT


Tracey Morales-Wright 2400 7p-8a                        2300, 2400, CTICU 


Shannon Gomes 2200 7a-8p                                   2200, 4200, Tele Floats                                                     


Delphine Anderson PICU 7p-8a                             PICU, 4300


Wuilda Castro PEDS/ED 7a-8p                              PEDS/ED, ED


Chrissy Hug 4West 7a-8p                                       4West/6700, MS Floats, 2WONC


Sandy Weintraub GI/ENDO 7a-3p                          GI/ENDO, SDS


Diane Porcaro FCC 6:30p-7:30a                               3200, 3300, 3400, 3700, 6100, NICU                                                                              


Lauren Snyder PACU 8a-9p                                   PACU, 4100/4700


Chris Sanford CCU 7a-8p                                       CCU/ICU/NSICU


Lenka Muskova OR 7a-3p                                      OR, L & D


Mary Szatkowski BICU 6p-7a                               BICU, 2100, 2700


Miriam Koch-Ramirez BICU 6a-7p                        BICU, Critical Care Floats

Ali Ponsiglione Tele Float 7a-8p                           Tele floats, 1 West

Madeline Kincaid M/S Float 7p-8a                        M/S Floats

Ashley Rivera ED 3p-4a                                        ED


All per diems and floats on each respective unit, should contact that unit’s delegate for assistance. If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, please contact your delegate. If they are unavailable, please contact ANY Delegate or the NJNU office @ 973-992-6568; fax 973-992-8410.  Website:    

                           DELEGATE UNIT ASSIGNMENTS


Delegate/Officer                                         MMCSC Assignments


Magdalin Bruno-Lovgren                            ICU/CCU, OBS, M/S TELE,

CCU 7p-7a                                                   Outpatient Infusion, Cath Lab,

                                                                     Radiology, Special Procedures


Barbara Robson ED 11a-11p                       ED/PESS, OR, PACU,     

                                                                     GI/ENDO, SDS, PAT


Delegate/Officer                                         BHBHC Assignments


Patricia Caccavale KNE 7a-7p                    Voluntary, STC, Barnabas Unit