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Covid-19 Update 3-18-20

NJNU along with other unions and hospital systems had a phone call today with the Governor and the NJ Health Commissioner. Unions called for standardizing of quarantine mandates, standard disaster plans for all healthcare systems in NJ, childcare assistance, adequate PPE for all healthcare workers.
Here are some of the highlights from the call:
Supplies are coming from the federal strategic stockpile:
13,000 gloves
4500 masks
2200 face shields
1082 gowns
42 coveralls
1 million N95 masks in 3-4 weeks.
Predictions are there will be too few beds and there will be a surge. There are capacity plans now to secure 260 beds; 200 North, 11 Central, 50 South. In 3-4 weeks they will secure 227 more beds. A facility in Underwood-Memorial Hospital, Woodbury, NJ will be redesigned and equipped for 300 general acute care beds to absorb the surge. EMS workers will be supplementing nursing staff.
Testing centers will be opening in Bergen County on Friday; plans for Monmouth County near the PNC Arts Center probably next week. The priority for testing will be for symptomatic healthcare workers, but you must make an appointment.
The Governor called for standardized plans from all healthcare systems in the state. He urged the Unions and the healthcare systems to work together on that.They spoke to several nursing associations to “call upon" active and inactive licensed RNs in NJ for staffing.
The Governor stated “we are at war” but that we will “row the boat together”. He praised all of the healthcare workers at the frontlines as heroes. He thanked all of the Unions and healthcare systems on the call multiple times for bringing our concerns and suggestions to them.